RESPITE CARErespite care

We provide respite care programs for elderly who may require a short - temporary stay or specialized care to recover from an illness or operation. It is a great living option for a person who needs some day-to-day supportive medical services but still desires social stimulation, engagement and activities.

Depending on the health conditions, different types of respite care programs are available and our residents can choose to stay from few months to a full year.

We would recommend our respite care program and assistance of our general practitioner to individuals that would like to enjoy all the benefits of seaside living while receiving the therapy they need.



  •    • Period of 1 to 12 months
  •    • Comfortable private or semi-private room
  •    • Five daily cooked meals

  • Support

  •    • Help with daily activities
  •    • Tailored care program
  •    • Doctor assistance
  •    • Physical therapy
  •    • Massage therapy
  •    • Insurance

  • Lifestyle

  •    • Social programs and activities
  •    • Scheduled group exercises
  •    • Round-the-clock security
  •    • Sightseeing
  •    • Field trips
  •    • Religious activities