ENJOY THE SEAenjoy the sea

A main advantage of heading outdoors, even for a short period of time, is being able to enjoy the sunlight, which generates Vitamin D – necessary for the brain, bones and muscle function. All residents of the home can experience the 4.000 meters walking track along the seashore, paved with Brac stone.The island of Brac is has 5.000 meters long sandy beaches along the coast and these are perfect for individual as well as group recreations.


Another key benefit is that being outside enables the elderly to socialize and interact with caregivers and other residents of the island. Island Brach is just a beautiful place to live in and offers plenty of historic and natural attractions that we encourage our residents to visit.

Also, we provide organized group sightseeing where residents can learn about the history of the town.


FIELD TRIPSfield trips

Because of its great geographical position, the island of Brac is located and well connected with some of the most beautiful and historically rich cities in Croatia, such as Dubrovnik, Šibenik and Zadar. Also, national park Krka Waterfalls, island of Hvar and the island of Vis are nearby.

A few times each month, our residents can book tours to the above-mentioned locations and enjoy some of the most untouched pieces of nature in Europe.

INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITIESindividual activities

In addition to group activities, residents of the home can enjoy their free time in individual activities. All of these will be introduced to the residents during their time of stay.

Sport events - Bol hosts the ATP men's tennis tournament as well as other recreational tournaments.
Fish for fun - Folks who enjoy fishing can cast a rod from a pier or other location, even if someone has mobility problems or uses a wheelchair.
Enjoying the sea - For some folks, it may just be putting a foot in the pool, while others may be able to handle low-impact water aerobics.
Picnic outdoors - Picnics are another park activity. Elderly individuals can watch children run around or enjoy the buzz of outdoor activity.
Photography - With digital cameras available, this is becoming one of the most popular outdoor elderly activities.