We have been involved in medical tourism since year 2002., providing both general and specialist examinations and treatments. Our approach is to base the care plan around the strengths and abilities of our residents.

The home has nine medical unites which our residents visit, with our doctor of general practice monitoring their health condition and care progress.

Doctors specialists, according to the specific needs of each resident, perform examinations and therapy in cardiology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, physiatry and gastroenterology.

Each medical program is adapted to the diagnosis of the resident, providing support in living independently and maintaining health. During their stay, every single action, medical assistance and physical therapy is registered in the residents medical records.

medical support

PHYSICAL THERAPYphysical therapy

Our medical clinic is specialized for different forms of physical therapy. Within our home, we provide the following medical services:

  • • electrotherapy
  • • ultrasound therapy
  • • heat treatment (paraffin and fango)
  • • massage therapy (classical and lymphatic drainage)
  • • pool massage/hydro massage
  • • pool exercise/pool aerobics
  • • spinal decompression therapy

All exercises and therapy programs are performed under the strict supervision of a doctor physiatrist and senior physiotherapists.


The electronic European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) provides health insurance abroad for visitors withIn the EU. Valid health insurance card is necessary for every resident, as it provides the use of our medical facilities.