INDOOR ACTIVITIESindoor_activities

We take much of our time in planning activities for relaxation, experience exchange and fun. All residents can enjoy their free time in social and leisure activities mentioned below.

Indoor activities include:

1. Birthday parties and holiday celebrations.

2. Musical events including concerts and sing along.

3. Group watching of major sport or music events.

5. Games and contests.

6. Discussion groups, writing personal books, writing letters.

7. Religious services, that may do much to strengthen residents as well as families after this major change.

Additional activities that are organized based on the time of the year and interests include:

1. Music therapy programs.

2. Tasting autochtone Croatian food.

3. Cooking demonstrations.

4. Creative work as painting, performance art, life-story workshops.

5. Botanical Activities.

5. Hobbies.